10 Event Ideas Which Would Be Made Better with the Gift of Custom-Made Candy

1 – Birthday’s Whether it’s a friend, family member or your partner, it’s not always easy to think of new gift ideas but one thing is for certain; everybody loves candy! With personalised, custom-made candy you can tailor them perfectly to their favourite flavours, colours and styles – You can even add personalised messages to make them extra special as well!

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handglove Lifestyle 

14 random and hopefully interesting facts about gloves from across history

Gloves are something we all take for granted; I doubt anyone reading this has ever stopped to consider what the humble glove actually represents.  Hundreds of years of development and key social developments all tie into the history of this seemingly plain and ordinary garment.   Modern-day gloves come in almost innumerable varieties and amazingly not all have five fingers.  A glove supplier will have a wide variety of gloves in stock for almost any kind of task and purpose, but even this pales in comparison to the sheer breadth of…

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wedding Lifestyle 

Fantasy to Reality… Customizing Your Wedding Day      

We all picture our wedding day as a magical event in our life.  It is that one day that we all get to feel like a princess. Our beautiful wedding gown flowing behind us, the heavenly sparkle of our jewelry catching every eye in attendance as we walk down the aisle towards our new beginnings. Most of us want that traditionally designed gown to go with our traditional wedding ideas. While on the other hand some of us would like the ability to design a unique custom one of a…

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