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Palm Tree Pruning (Do’s and Don’ts)

Palm trees are monocots, which means that they do not grow outward in their trunks in the way that most traditional trees do. Because of this, people tend not to feel the urge or necessity to prune their palms. And yet, palm trees do need pruning and when doing so, you must handle it with the utmost care and consideration. In this article, we’re going to take your through the do’s and don’ts when it comes to pruning your palms. Pay close attention! – Do not damage the trunk when…

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What is Modern LED Wall Art and Why is it so Special?

There’s something which has been taking the art world by storm in recent years, and that is modern LED wall art. It’s taking gorgeous artwork and using technology to enhance it with the power of light. This brings a whole new dynamic to a display, functioning as so much more than just a visually appealing feature. LED art, transcends the canvass, brightening the space in a truly magnificent and impressive way. It allows you to experience the artwork in a totally different light (pun intended). This enhanced perspective can evoke…

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Where Does Your Money Really Go?

Where Does Your Money Really Go? How in tune are you with your bank account?  Does the thought of checking your balance fill you with dread?  Are you constantly finding yourself scraping pennies together for everything?  Then there is a pretty good chance that money management is not one of your strengths.  In fact, recent data has shown that one in six Australians are in so much debt that they will most likely never be able to pay it off, with the country as a whole owing more than $45 billion on…

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Buyers Agent Qualifications

A buying agent works for other parties to purchase goods or properties. They can buy various products but one of the most common types of buyer’s agent is an intermediary who purchases real estate properties. They work as a negotiator and researcher who finds the best deals for their clients thus removing this responsibility from the buyer. On top of this, they will advise the clients on the legal processes involved in these purchases. They will develop a portfolio of properties through extensive research and regularly undertake the viewings. Having…

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