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Buying an Old House? Consider These 5 Points Before Committing to the Idea

The idea of buying an older property can be very attractive to many people. They picture a very quaint and architecturally stunning property in which they can live a comfortable life. In theory, it sounds delightful, and in some cases it can be true. However, there are a number of pitfalls that you must consider before going ahead and taking the plunge. Let’s have a look:   1 – It can be more expensive than you think Unless you’re buying an older property with the desire to renovate it and…

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Where Does Your Money Really Go?

Where Does Your Money Really Go? How in tune are you with your bank account?  Does the thought of checking your balance fill you with dread?  Are you constantly finding yourself scraping pennies together for everything?  Then there is a pretty good chance that money management is not one of your strengths.  In fact, recent data has shown that one in six Australians are in so much debt that they will most likely never be able to pay it off, with the country as a whole owing more than $45 billion on…

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