10 Event Ideas Which Would Be Made Better with the Gift of Custom-Made Candy

1 – Birthday’s

birthday gift

Whether it’s a friend, family member or your partner, it’s not always easy to think of new gift ideas but one thing is for certain; everybody loves candy! With personalised, custom-made candy you can tailor them perfectly to their favourite flavours, colours and styles – You can even add personalised messages to make them extra special as well!


2 – Anniversaries

It could be your anniversary coming up, a friend or a family member and nothing quite shows your appreciation than some tailored, custom-made candy. If you want to try something a little different then this would be a beautiful heartfelt gift.


3 – Valentine’s Day

Nothing says, ‘I love you’, quite like some personalised candy which have been tailored perfectly to your partners individual tastes on Valentine’s day. Rather than opting for the generic box of chocolates that everybody picks up at the last minute, offer something truly unique to that special someone.



4 – Weddings

Whether it’s your own wedding, or that of a friend, you can offer custom made candy to make the day that extra bit special. They make wonderful party favours and add a really unique touch to such a special event.


5 – Baby Showers

Stuck for gift ides for a baby shower? Why not buy her some custom-made candy to enjoy? There will be no shortage of diapers and baby-grows so buy something for her instead. She’s going to be craving candy that’s for sure! You can select the colour based on gender and have the sweets fashioned into loads of cute shapes.


6 – Halloween

Rather than dishing out any old sweets on Halloween, why not make it extra special by having your own custom-made Halloween candy? Give those trick-or-treater’s something extra special this year.


7 – A Random Treat

Why do you even need an excuse to buy custom-made candy for a loved one? Sometimes random and impromptu gifts can really make a person’s day so if your partner has been working extra hard lately then surprise them with a beautiful, heartfelt gesture.


8 – House Warming

Are you having some friends over for a house-warming party? There’s going to be plenty of booze so why not make it extra special with some custom-made candy? It’s always nice to have some creative and exciting party favours to hand out to make the event even more memorable.


event party

9 – Congratulations

Has somebody close to you passed a driving test? Bossed their exams? Won an award? Whatever the case, why not offer your congratulations with a unique twist!


10 – For YOU

Why not treat yourself? Have some fun and tailor your very own custom-made sweets for YOU to enjoy. You can share them if you like, but we would advise keeping them all to yourself! There’s no shame in keeping a secret stash of sweets away from your kids!

If you’re interested in exploring the idea further than simply head over to Candy Kitchen where you can get a closer look at the various sweets, styles and designs available. The only limit is your imagination!

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