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Things to keep in mind when having a grave monument made

We understand that when a loved one dies, the amount of emotional upheaval that not only you but everyone around you, friends and family alike, will affect everything that you do throughout this difficult period. One of the first things you will need to think about however will be not only the funeral but also making graveside arrangements for the deceased and this can be more complex than it may first appear. Hopefully, this guide will help allay some of the fears you may have had and helped guide you through this process at this difficult time.

Cemetery guidelines

Before you go talking to stonemasons and choosing between different style, be sure that you are very clear about what things you are able and not able to have by order of the cemetery. Most cemeteries will have guidelines and regulations on what they will allow constituting the graves that make up the population of the cemetery’s gravestones. They vary between graveyards so you will have to check with the one you plan to use, however, ordinarily they restrict certain sizes, colours, messages and pictures to limit an offense that could potentially be caused. Be sure you clear this up before you have any work started.

Standing monument or flat marker

The next big decision that you will have to make is what type of memorial you are looking for. Some people were understated in life and that kind of memorial suits them in death. However, for some more ostentatious people or for families who want to immortalize their love and memories of their beloved choose to have standing markers and sometimes even statues as a grave marker. However, in a low space or other environments, a full-scale statue may not be as appropriate as a flat marker. This in no way suggests that flat markers are any less of a powerful or respectful way to honor your loved one’s memory, they can even themselves be engraved with a number of different images and designs to help them be just as unique as their chiseled counterparts.

Type and quality of material
Now you’re going to want to get specific in terms of final designs and materials that you want to use, and much to most people surprise this is actually where the majority of the expense comes in., As well as commissioning the engravers and stonemasons, they also have to source the materials that all come at varying costs. Stones like Granite and Marble are generally on the higher end of the spectrum as they last longer and are deemed to have more attractive finishes than their grey-stone or wooden counterparts.

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