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What is included in an office fit-out? How much does the average office fit-out cost?

The office that you work out of can be a simple functional space, or one that inspires your staff, entices clients to invest or sign up with you, and that reflects who you are and what you do.

When choosing an office space, you can sometimes be subject to the design and style of the existing workplace. One way to avoid this is with an office fit-out.

If you are considering an office fit-out for your business, read on to discover what is involved, how much it could cost, and why a fit-out can be far superior to a simple renovation for your office…

What is included in an office fit-out?

An office fit-out is where an empty space is turned into a fully functioning and finished office space. The property can need everything from electricity and plumbing through to the furnishing completion.

A basic fit-out usually involves minimal changes to be made to the existing space and is therefore the least expensive. A partial fit-out involves more changes, such as alterations to the layout, the addition of partitions and so on. A full fit-out, on the other hand, involves a complete, top-to-bottom renovation of the space.

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When looking at a full office fit-out, you can split these into 3 categories again, depending on the finish you are looking for. These are:

  • Shell and core – a shell and core fit out, much as it sounds, involves only the groundwork being completed. A shell and core fit-out will still require more work to make it an actual office that you can work in, but the bare bones will be in place. This tends to include things like elevators, bathrooms, and fire exits.
  • Category A – in a category A fit-out, you will have all of the structural and key work done that is included in a shell and core fit-out, along with the next level of finishing. As well as elevators, restrooms, and so on, you will also get raised floors, suspended ceilings, and lighting put in place. This is a more functional level of fit-out, though still not fully complete.
  • Category B – similar to category A, with category B you get all of the work of the former, plus all of the finishing touches. This means lighting, decorations, furnishings, carpets, equipment, and more, are all in place and ready for work. Your office is now fully functional and finished in the way you want.

A fit-out involves making a space liveable, or ready to work in, while a renovation means redoing an already lived-in or worked-in space. An office fit therefore generally involves everything from wall finishes to furniture and can be done from the ground up, just the way you want it. There are custom office fit-out solutions to suit every style and need.

Some people will opt for a shell and core fit-out or a category A fit-out, preferring to finish the space themselves. Meanwhile, others will prefer their office to be completed in one go so that they can get in and get to work as soon as possible.

How much does the average office fit-out cost?

As you can probably already see, the amount that you can spend on a fit-out will vary massively depending on factors like the kind of work you need to do. Opting for a shell and core fit out where you need all new elevators put in can be expensive, but having to do that and also fully furnish your office can cost more.

In general, your office fit-out cost will be determined by:

  • Your location
  • The design you want
  • The materials used
  • The size of the property
  • The layout you want
  • Whether you need a basic, medium, or full fit out and more.

On average, a rough guide to the cost of a fit-out is that you could spend around AU$1000 per square metre, though it really is impossible to state the exact amount. If you want to know how much a fit-out will cost, contact an office fit-out specialist with your precise circumstances for an individual quote.

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Why choose an office fit-out over a space that needs renovating?

If you find an office space that is already to your liking, but not quite right, you may well choose to go with that office, renovating it rather than opting for a full fit-out. A renovation can be far cheaper, involving hiring a commercial painter, perhaps, and getting in some new furniture. Renovating can be an excellent choice if all you need is to polish up an existing office, but with a fit-out, you get far more.

With a fit-out, you are creating a functional office space that is exactly to your specifications from the ground up. You can customize your own interior, getting your own way on the flooring and the paint colour, but also the layout and even some of the structural details. You are developing a new space and can do so in the way that you want.

The right office can actually improve the performance of your employees, creating a calm atmosphere or an innovative one, encouraging hard work, or greater cooperation. You can create a collaborative space or focus on privacy and individual work. It really is all up to you.

If you opt for an office fit-out over a renovation, you can turn an empty space into anything you want. A reflection of your personality and that of your business. A beautifully designed and fully functional office of your dreams.

Final thoughts

An office fit-out is a comprehensive process, involving transforming an empty space into a functioning office for your business. You can create the bare bones with a shell and core fit out, or go for a category B fully furnished and finished office instead. Whatever the complexity of your design or the level of finish that you are after, you can choose for yourself the kind of fit-out you want.

Choosing an office fit-out means getting the chance to dictate your own layout and style, creating an office that works for you.

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