Fantasy to Reality… Customizing Your Wedding Day      

We all picture our wedding day as a magical event in our life.  It is that one day that we all get to feel like a princess. Our beautiful wedding gown flowing behind us, the heavenly sparkle of our jewelry catching every eye in attendance as we walk down the aisle towards our new beginnings. Most of us want that traditionally designed gown to go with our traditional wedding ideas. While on the other hand some of us would like the ability to design a unique custom one of a kind wedding experience that we will treasure forever. An easy and completely original place to start is with custom designed jewelry and wedding gowns.

Custom Or Ready-made Dresses

Buying pre-designed or off-the-peg wedding gowns and jewelry from a bridal salon can be less expensive and gives us instant gratification by allowing us to view all the different design with access to same day fittings for those items we find most appealing. All the while being assisted by a very friendly helpful and knowledgeable bridal salon staff. However, these bridal salons may make us feel that we are just another number in an overcrowded bridezilla infested wedding salon. Causing more anxiety to our already stressful ordeal with their pushy “used car salesman” attitudes.  These bridal salons take the uniqueness and originality out of our otherwise smashing day. Shake things up by showing our creative and rare wedding ideas through custom design.

Customized Jewellery & Accessories

Take back control of your wedding day by customizing designer jewelry adding your own personality and voice to that special piece of jewelry, matching that same personality and voice that you put into your wedding gown you had tailor-made. Custom designed jewelry and wedding gowns allow

you to choose the style and colour you like best. While having that perfect fit both on your hips and on our figure. Listening to your design ideas. Finally matching the precious metal colour to fit our specific style and taste. No matter how wildly creative your ideas are you will need to painstakingly work to transform our imaginations into physical being. Not to mention, the custom designed sketches of your jewelry and gown are keen entries for your scrapbook, documenting this monumental day. Yes, custom designs bring with its slightly higher prices and a feeling of panic if the proper amount of time wasn’t allotted to the planning process. However with proper planning and time management for your custom design jewelry and gowns will not only fit perfectly but also bring your wildest wedding fantasies to reality, making your dreams come true.

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