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The Art of Imitation – The Benefits of Buy Reproduction Antique Furniture 

As the antiques market becomes more and more furiously hard-fought, trying to find a genuine piece of history to have in your home is becoming an increasingly difficult task.Quality antique furniture is a rarity on the open market and most people wanting to enjoy such treasures might be better off visiting country houses and alike as it is unlikely your budget will extend to it.

This is all before considering the many intricacies and pitfalls that are associated with buying genuine antique furniture as unless you are an expert it can be very difficult to trust a valuation or a dealer without knowing their history and building up a relationship.  An easy example is to ask if any work has been carried out on the item, if it has, this could drastically alter its market value; even if the work has been carried out well there’s no telling what else might be wrong with the item.  Issues such as these are a real headache for the humble novice, but this is where reproduction furniture comes in.


Looks are everything

Manufacturers of quality reproduction antiques are a safe bet for those of us that love the look of antique furniture, but just aren’t knowledgeable enough or have the bank balance to play in the big leagues.  The value may not be the same, but if you would struggle to afford it in the first place then surely the appearance is the main draw.  If having that gorgeous antique clock in your hallway or the beautiful antique Chaise Lounge in your bedroom is the main draw for you, then you can’t go far wrong with a quality reproduction.

Benefits of reproductions

antique furnitureBesides the cost factor, reproduction manufacturers big and small will normally know exactly what stock they have and can expect.  As such they will have a reliable catalogue which will allow you to shop easily and with the confidence that you aren’t about to be outmanoeuvred by a more experienced buyer at any moment.  In addition to this, most modern reproductions are built to today’s manufacturing standards and fire safety regulations which means that you get an arguably better and safer item of furniture for your home.

Something that is often overlooked is that true antique furniture is often quite large.  The high-quality items that have survived were more than likely a truly luxurious item to own at the time they were produced and as such would have been almost exclusively in the possession of very wealthy individuals with large houses and estates.  This means the items are normally very large as well and as such will not necessarily complement modern homes even if you were able to get one.  Reproductions will help here as well as you can find reproduction style furniture as well as direct one to one facsimiles.  This means that you could find a beautiful item of furniture that is well made, safer, and fits better into your home as the designer has taken modern considerations into account.  Definitely an option worth investigating.

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