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5 Things to Ask a Tree Firm Before Hiring Their Services


Tree surgeons are well-versed in taking a green space and optimising it in such a way which is safer and with fewer obstructions. When done correctly, you can really transform your garden area into a beautiful place by dealing with a few unfortunately placed trees. When purchasing a property, you can’t really pick and choose which trees go where, however, if you hire a tree lopping company you can trust, they’ll be able to shape your space into something to be desired.

All that being said, finding the right tree firm for you requires some careful consideration – however, if you look out for the following 5 factors, you shouldn’t have any issues at all!

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1 – What Safety Precautions Will Be Put in Place?

This is the big one and the main reason why you should never tree to manage or cut down trees without proper training or the correct equipment. The beauty of working with a licensed tree lopping firm is the fact that they will have gone through rigorous training and safety exercises in order to be able to carry out their work appropriately. It’s a dangerous industry which can not only cause harm to others but properties too. What will they do to ensure the safety of both your family and your home?

2 – Can They Relocate Trees for You?

Often you don’t want to get rid of a tree, though it’s located in a high inconvenient place, for example blocking light from coming in through a window or obscuring a view. A reputable tree surgeon should be able to relocate trees to a nearby location, however, this is often very much a last resort – it’s no straightforward task and requires an awful lot of preparation and experience. However, if the tree firm that you’re looking into are willing and able, then they’ve definitely mastered their craft.

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3 – Maintaining Trees

Trees of all ages, species, shapes, and sizes are susceptible to disease, which is another reason to hire a tree surgeon. You may adore the trees on your property, in which case it is important to ask your tree surgeon if they’re able to regularly inspect your trees in order to catch any problems early, in which case they may be able to be saved.

4 – Pruning Ability

What kind of approach will your tree surgeon take towards pruning and cutting back trees? An important thing to remember is that often there will be wildlife living in a tree, for example, birds nests and so on. It is nice to know that your tree surgeon will check thoroughly and relocate a nest where appropriate. Pruning and cutting back trees is often essential maintenance, though it shouldn’t be done at the detriment of your local wildlife.

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5 – How Advanced is Their Knowledge of Protected Trees?

Another important aspect to consider is whether or not a tree in question is protected. It may well be getting in your way, however, if it is not dead or dangerous then it will not be approved for removal. It is important that your tree surgeon is aware and up to date with which trees are protected and which are not.

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