Why Palmetto Buffalo Grass Can Be Considered a Perfect Lawn Solution 

Having a nice lawn will really add a lot to your garden, and indeed the entire outside of your home.  Unfortunately, when you are thinking about your lawn, man people can be lead to believe that maintaining healthy grass is a constant burden of micromanagement and excessive care rituals, but it doesn’t have to be this way.  Whereas it is true that some types of grass are incredibly delicate and require a lot of looking after, this is not true of all grasses.  In fact there are some that are incredibly hardy and verge on being weeds in their level of persistence as well as others that can grow in all kinds of soil, but this is not helpful if these types of grass are ugly or sharp.  What is needed is a grass that combines all of the best characteristics of different species of grass, but fortunately such a grass does actually exist and it is called Palmetto Buffalo grass.

lawnSoft and comfortable

Believe it or not, that subtitle is actually a very accurate description of how Palmetto Buffalo grass feels to the touch.  We have all seen the idyllic pictures of people laying in wonderful looking grass, or children rolling around in a sea of green perfection, but when you try laying on your grass it feels jagged and uncomfortable.  Now, assuming you’re not laying on a stone, then the reason for this is that grass doesn’t want to be eaten.  Like most plants, grass is a primary food source for many animals, and as such it is frequently eaten.  As such, it has attempted to become more hardy over the centuries so that it can put animals off of eating it or at least withstand being eaten enough so that it survives.  This entails being tough and unpleasant to the touch, but not all grasses have evolved this way, and Palmetto Buffalo grass is one of them.  If you examine it under a microscope you can see that its leaves are almost perfectly smooth and its stems are very flexible which makes the grass incredibly soft to the touch and very comfortable to sit or lay on.

Hardy and resilient

One of the main reasons that grass is often perceived as being high maintenance is that it can easily lose its colour if conditions aren’t constantly perfect for it.  If the grass is in too much shade then it begins to yellow and look weaker, if the grass has too much sunshine and heat without being constantly watered then it will turn brown and dry out.  Now these are symptoms that any plant would display if the conditions were extreme enough, but it is the minor variance that can cause normal grass to exhibit these changes that makes it a lot of work to maintain.  Whereas Palmetto Buffalo grass is not a super planet, it is just as susceptible to wilting or drying out as any other plant, it is considerably harder cause it to suffer such a fate.  In fact, the grass is so resilient that good quality Palmetto Buffalo turf is almost certain to take and thrive in pretty much any conditions and will only require basic maintenance to keep it looking lush and thick once it has finished settling in.

It fights back against weeds

Whilst that might sound a little dramatic, it is essentially true.  Because Palmetto Buffalo grass naturally grows in a very dense fashion it means that there is less space available for weeds to take root.  This is almost the exact opposite of regular grass, which grows fairly sparsely meaning that there is plenty of available space for weeds to bed in and as they grow they become the stronger plants and gradually push the grass out by robbing it of nutrients from the soil.  By growing closer together and being generally more hardy in its nature, as well as growing almost as consistently in winter months as in summer, Palmetto Buffalo grass helps limit weed growth.  Of course it is not impossible for weeds to grow in a Palmetto lawn, but it is considerably less likely than regular grass, especially if you are laying quality turf from a reputable supplier such as

Whilst there is no super grass that can be planted and then left to its own devices; Palmetto Buffalo grass does a very good job of being low maintenance and high quality.  Only occasional mowing and watering will be required to keep such a lawn looking fantastic, and it really is something that has to be seen to be believed.

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