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Thinking of Becoming a Confectioner?

A confectioner is defined as a company or person that makes or sells sweets. If you have a passion for confectionery and have dreamed of entering the trade as somebody who is involved in its creation what sorts of things do you need to achieve and learn to be able to do so? What education and training requirements are required? It is not necessarily the most widely known about the trade so this article will look to highlight what you should achieve or learn so that you can follow your dream.

The Joy of Creation

Candy is one of those simple things in life which brings great pleasure to many people. Being able to design your own can be something which will bring pleasure to yourself too. However, it is not as simple to do as it may first seem. As with any form of culinary profession, there are dangerous elements involved and certain food safety obligations to follow. You will be surrounded by hot liquids and objects so personal safety is paramount. In addition to this, as with any form of food production, the implications of not following the legal requirements can lead to repercussions.

Basic Requirements

As with most jobs, an employer of any confectioner will demand the completion of their high school education. It would be highly appropriate to have done some form of cooking whilst in school so if possible you should look into selecting that as a course to complete. This is not necessarily needed, however, and beyond these things, much of the job can be learned and certified as you work through your career.

Further Education

Finding additional qualifications will always put you at an advantage. As stated, whilst they are not necessarily required, you will not only separate yourself from other applicants but learn skills and knowledge which will put in you in good stead going forward into your career. Suggestions for further qualifications which employers would prioritise are culinary based courses but if you wish to run your own confectionery shop, a business qualification would be advisable. Internships are also a sensible option as they will provide you will invaluable experience and boost your future employability.


As a culinary trade, you will need to quickly complete a food safety course. In addition to this various types of first aid, courses will be required as you will be working in dangerous environments. It is key that you understand what certification applies to your location as this will vary greatly. Failure to comply with these obligations will lead to loss of employment or a closure of your business.

Choose an Area

A strong recommendation would be to choose a specific area of confectionery in which to specialize. Perhaps you would like to be a pastry chef and open a patisserie, a chocolatier or even a producer of wholesale candy. Finding a niche will separate you from others and make it easier to market your business and keep it manageable. By specializing in an area you will also begin to master it and your knowledge within it will grow rapidly.



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