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The 3 Key Benefits for Hiring Utility Location Services

It’s all very well wanting to install a brand-spanking-new swimming pool in your garden, and it’s exciting too! But, before rushing in there are a few things that you’re going to need to watch out for, and something that many people neglect to consider. What’s underneath?

location serviceThe last thing you need is to start digging around and burst a gas line or cut through some electrical cables. Just imagine how much your neighbours would love you if you caused a blackout? But don’t worry, it’s not worth thinking about as we have a simple and easy solution for you: utility locating services.

Simply put, some companies, hopefully, most, have the experience, the equipment and the know-how to successfully located any utilities in a designated area in a non-evasive manner. Perfect.

In this post, we’re going to explore some of the benefits of opting to work with a utility locating company as opposed to relying on a general contractor or going it alone.

1 – The Latest in Technology

We don’t know about you, but we’ve never seen a freelance contractor rock up to a job with GPR frequency locating equipment. In most cases, they have to guestimate, or simply ‘dig-up and see’ which doesn’t tend to end well.

However, a professional utility location expert, on the other hand, will be able to quickly and efficiently identify where the various utilities are located.

2 – Safety First in All Things

Rolling with the professionals in safer in every sense of the word. Not only are their methods non-destructive to your property, but entirely safe for you and your family. Of course, a burst pipe or an electrical cable can pose some serious health risks, which is why hiring the professionals to locate them is so important.

3 – Data and Accuracy

The advanced technology used by the utility locating experts gather an incredible amount of information, from the depth, materials and pinpoints the exact location. This level of accuracy is unparalleled and makes for a quick, stress-free process.



Don’t settle for anyone other than the professionals. When dealing with your property, you want to be as non-invasive as possible when it comes to locating and excavating certain utilities. This will allow you to be able to move ahead with your plans (whether it’s having a pool installed or digging the foundations for a new granny flat), without delay or any cause for concern.

The trouble with rushing in and rolling with any old contractor is that you do run the risk of causing damage to the structural integrity of the surrounding area, misinterpreting where your utilities are and bursting through something important. Again, these kinds of setbacks are entirely possible and all too avoidable.

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